About Our Dentists

Our dentists in Milim Dental Hospital are members of the Turkish Dental Association. Our dentists are registered in Bursa Chamber of Dentists. Our expert dentists completed their post-graduate education at the universities in Ankara. Our expert dentists are members of world-wide and well-known organizations such as ACBID, TOD, TOID and TPID. All of our dentists can speak English and some of our dentists speak German and Arabic as well.


Sterilization Systems

Milim Dental Hospital uses various and advanced-level sterilization devices to provide maximum hygiene standarts for the patients and their treatments in safe.

Clinical ventilation after treatments is carried out through special filter and air conditioning systems. In MDH all areas that patients can reach are covered with antibacterial effaceable surfaces. Therefore, the risk of cross-infection is prevented.


Medical Tourism Treatment Guide

Milim Dental Hospital has ‘Medical Tourism Authorization Certificate’ issued by the Ministry of Health with its dentist staff and technological and physical infrastructure. Successful treatments have been applied to many patients coming from abroad.


Our References & Cases

Milim Dental Hospital has completed a lot of oral rehabilitation including cases esthetic dentistry, implantation, orthodontics and pedodontics treatments. All treatments are carried out by the collective planning of our expert dentists.


Our Services

All treatment procedures in Milim Dental Hopistal are applied by expert dentist by their specialities. Oral and maxillofacial surgeon, prosthodontist and esthetic dentists, orthodontist and pediatric dentist decide treatment options for every patient individually.


Transportation and Location

Milim Dental Hospital provide service at the FSM Boulevard No 177 Nilüfer Bursa location. MDH building on an area of approximately 1000 m². In addition to parking facilities, Milim Dental Hospital can also be reached by public transportation vehicles such as metro, bus, minibus.



Planmed Implantation Training Group

Turkish Oral Implantation Association

Turkish Orthodontic Association

Association of Oral and Maxillofacial-Face Surgery

Turkish Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Association

Turkish Prosthodontics and Implantation Association

American Orthodontists Association

Meffert Implant Institute

Bursa Dentists Chamber

Turkish Dental Association